At the Fabulous Catch Company, we believe strongly in sustainable fishing: leaving enough fish in the ocean and protecting habitats and threatened species.

The Catch Company was born in 2012 after creating fish fingers from the catch of an Isle of Wight fishing cooperative. Our ‘sustainable revolution’ continued from that point; our range of gourmet fishcakes and other ready-to-cook fish products are made from fish fillets including all the trimmings, making them low-impact, waste-saving products. We are passionate about the environment and sustainability and we work locally with fishermen and local producers.

Sustainable fishing has social, economic and environmental benefits.

Sustainable fishing…

  • protects marine fauna by respecting marine ecosystems and adapting to the reproductive rate of fish to maintain a balance and ensure the survival of all species
  • uses selective methods, rejecting the indiscriminate capture of fry and endangered species or those without commercial value
  • contributes to food security: sustainable small-scale fisheries account for 66% of all catches destined directly for human consumption
  • generates jobs and is more responsible: sustainable artisanal fishing provides employment for 90% of the global fishing industry and is the basis for the development of small fishing communities
  • reduces pollution: generates less waste, minimises energy consumption and reduces the use of chemicals
  • certifies the sustainability of the catches: international standards such as the MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) Standard determine whether a fishery is sustainable and is being well-managed

By safeguarding the oceans, people who depend on fishing can maintain their livelihoods. Sustainable fishing guarantees there will be populations of ocean and freshwater wildlife in the future.